We’ll Have You Up and Running in No Time.

Our scientific equipment experts can help you design, procure, & install the equipment you need.

With vast experience in scientific equipment, across a range of manufacturers, we can help our customers best identify solutions for design, procurement, and installation depending on which phases are required. We can deliver a full suite of services as well as customized offerings on an as needed basis.


With 35+ years of experience working with scientific equipment specific to a variety of customer needs, we are uniquely qualified to support our clients in equipment design. This includes ultra-low temperature freezers, humidity-temperature test chambers, and reach-in and walk-in equipment.


Whether we design our customer’s equipment or use their specifications, we can help identify the best solutions for our customer’s specific needs. Our experience working with a variety of manufacturers, as well as understanding the latest technology offerings, helps our clients achieve effective and efficient solutions.


Our expert installation staff manages the end to end installation of scientific and medical equipment for our customers. Once installed, we provide a full installation checklist as well as operating guidelines and training to ensure our customer’s equipment is optimized over the long term.